Minor Eye Conditions Service - Health Professional

Closed 20 Jul 2012

Opened 27 Jun 2012

Feedback updated 21 Aug 2012

We asked

We asked for your views on key criteria which we intend to specify for the MInor Eye Conditions' Service.

You said

89% of you indicated that you are in favour of the development of the new Minor Eye Conditions' Service. The majority of respondents agreed with the key criteria. However, 42% felt that routine onward referral from the service to secondary care should not take place via the GP (as is currently the case for ophthalmology referrals); respondents commented that they felt that providers of this service should themselves be able to make routine referrals directly to secondary care.

We did

We have used your feedback to help inform the content of the service specification. We will also investigate the feasibility of implementing suggestions made in your feedback.

Results updated 21 Aug 2012

Minor Eye Conditions’ Service Survey – Health Professionals results


28 people health professionals responded to the survey. Respondents were asked to indicate their health profession:

  • The vast majority of respondents were optometrists (18)
  • 5 were GPs
  • 3 were pharmacists
  • 1 was a Health Care Assistant
  • 1 did not indicate their profession


Health professionals were asked if they agreed with the inclusion and exclusion criteria for the service, the majority (86%) agreed that they were in favour of the criteria. A further 7% disagreed with the criteria and 7% did not answer the question.

89% of respondents agreed that patients should be able to self-refer to the service. With regard to the matter of routine onward referral from the service to secondary care, 54% agreed that patients should be referred by the GP (as is currently the case for Ophthalmology referrals) whilst 42% disagreed with this approach. Whereas 100% of respondents agreed that urgent referrals from the service should be made direct to secondary care.

100% of respondents also agreed that the service specification should specify that clinicians offering the service will need to demonstrate that they have appropriate qualifications and experience.

89% of respondents agreed that patients with symptoms which may require urgent attention, should be offered an appointment with the service within 24 hours or advised to attend a secondary care service if more appropriate.

92% agreed that patients with symptoms which are not urgent, should be offered an appointment within 2 working days.

96% agreed that the service should be available during the day, Monday to Saturday.

96% agreed that to assure quality, a number of key performance measures, audit and patient satisfaction should be in place.

A number of respondents gave us their views on the service in the ‘free text’ boxes after each question. In addition to current plans for the service design, which was not fully described in the online questionnaire, health professionals commented that providers of the service should be able to make routine referrals to directly secondary care services.

The majority of respondents (89%) indicated that overall they were in favour of the development of the Minor Eye Conditions Service.

Progress update

A service specification for the Minor Eye Conditions’ Service has now been completed, taking in to account your responses to our survey. We will be putting the service out to tender in August 2012 and anticipate that the new Minor Eye Conditions’ Service will be up and running from January 2013.


Development of a Minor Eye Conditions Service in Primary Care

NHS Stockport is procuring a Primary Care Minor Eye Conditions Service through the Any Qualified Provider procurement process. This new service will diagnose and treat a number of recent onset minor eye conditions such as red eye, dry eye, recent onset flashes and floaters and in-growing eyelashes. It is planned that the new service will commence by January 2013.

Management of the patient will be maintained where possible within this new service in order to reduce the demand for urgent hospital appointments at the Stockport NHS Foundation Trust Ophthalmology Department, releasing capacity for eye conditions requiring a full ophthalmology hospital service.

Our aim is to provide high-quality eye care to patients, with quick access to advice and treatment from suitably qualified clinicians in a safe, convenient and appropriate environment.

Why your views matter

National guidance is available to help us to design a safe and effective service. However we also want to know what is most important to you.

To give us your views on development of this service, please could you complete the following questionnaire.

Please note, this questionnaire is for health professionals, if you are a member of the public and wish to respond to this consultation, please click here to complete our public survey.


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