Stockport Angiography Service 2017

Closed 8 Sep 2017

Opened 11 Aug 2017

Results Updated 26 Nov 2018

The CCGs Governing Body discussed and agreed  the proposal to close down the Angiography Service.

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Stockport NHS Foundation Trust is accredited to provide outpatient angiography but not angioplasty services at Stepping Hill Hospital.   700 patients used the angiography service at Stepping Hill Hospital in the last year including patients from Stockport, Tameside & Glossop, East Cheshire and North Derbyshire.  Approximately 20% were then referred on to a specialist heart centre such as at Wythenshawe Hospital or Manchester Royal Infirmary, for treatment (angioplasty or bypass surgery).   

Specialist heart centres provide both angiography for diagnosis and angioplasty for treatment, on one site.   This means that patients are able to have angiography and angioplasty at the same time if needed i.e. one invasive procedure for diagnosis and treatment.

Angiography is a type of diagnostic test in which an X-ray is used to check the blood vessels that supply the heart.  It is an invasive test used for people with chest pain to investigate the risk of a heart attack or stroke.  As a result of the test, some patients require further invasive treatment to open up a narrowed artery with a balloon and stent (angioplasty) or they may need heart bypass surgery.   For more information on angiography services please follow the link below:


Why are we Engaging with the Public

Based on evidence that specialist centres deliver the best outcomes for people at risk of heart attacks, Stockport Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and Stockport NHS Foundation Trust are proposing to close the angiography service at Stepping Hill Hospital.

Patients with chest pain requiring angiography for diagnosis of coronary artery disease will be referred to a specialist centre.

Patients with chest pain with a lower-risk of a heart attack can still be seen at Stepping Hill Hospital (or at their local hospital).  As is the current situation, such patients will be given a non-invasive test such as a stress echocardiogram test to confirm or exclude significant coronary artery disease.   Based on these tests the patient will either be discharged or referred to one of the specialist heart centres listed below for an angiogram procedure.  If a problem is found that can be treated with angioplasty; it will be dealt with at the same time.  Patients requiring bypass surgery would be seen at the specialist heart centre by a heart surgeon either on the same day or during an urgent outpatient clinic appointment.

This proposal is made in partnership with Tameside & Glossop, East Cheshire and North Derbyshire CCG’s.  Patients from East Cheshire may also choose to be seen at the University Hospital of North Midlands (Stoke).

Further Information

For more information on echocardiography please follow the link below:

For more information on Cardiac CT please follow the link below:


Patients requiring angiography will have the choice to be seen at one of the specialist heart centres listed below: Transport links to these centres can also be found through the links below: 

  1. University Hospital of South Manchester (Wythenshawe Hospital)
  2. Manchester Heart Centre Central Manchester Foundation Trust (MRI) – Central Manchester Foundation Trust (MRI) –
  3. Silver Heart Unit - Pennine Acute Hospital
  4. Wigan Heart Centre –Wigan, Wrightington and Leigh Foundation Trust
  5. University Hospital of North Midlands -





What Happens Next

A report and recommendations from the survey will go the Governing Body meeting on 31/01/2018.


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