ONE Health and Care Plan - Engagement Survey

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Closes 18 Jun 2021

Survey Questions

Aim 1. We want to work together to provide you with safe, high quality health and care services so people can access them when they need them.
Aim 2. Working with you, your family, friends and local community, we want to try to prevent health and care problems and, when they do happen, make sure help is there early before it becomes serious.
Aim 3. We want to work together to improve mental health and emotional wellbeing.
Aim 4. Health inequalities are differences in health between different communities. We want to work together in communities to reduce these inequalities.
Aim 5. We want a well-trained health and care workforce that is valued and happy, with job opportunities for local people.
Aim 6. We want people of all ages to feel valued and be healthy, active and happy so as they move through life they can find new things to enjoy, stay physically and socially active and keep in touch with their family, friends and the wider community.
Aim 7. We want people to be supported at home with their health and care needs to prevent them being admitted to hospital. When people are admitted to hospital we want to ensure they have the correct help and support in place once they return home.
Aim 8. We want to encourage everyone to have healthy, physically active lifestyles and enjoy exercise, sport, hobbies and interests as well as outdoor activities.
Question19. Is there anything else you would like to tell us to help draw up the Health and Care Plan?

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