CCG Website Survey

Closed 22 Jun 2015

Opened 28 May 2015

Feedback updated 9 Nov 2016

We asked

The CCG was looking at the way it provides information to the public and stakeholders via the website and how this could be improved. There had been several requests by members of the public, staff and stakeholders to the communications team to improve the website.

You said

The results of the survey itself showed that generally people thought the overall layout of the website was fit for purpose however many did not know it existed. Respondents found the text to be too dense and difficulty finding statistical or perfromance information about the CCG.

Outside the survey we received comments about information being difficult to find on the website.

We did

A new website was designed and developed taking into account the comments in the survey.

The new website is much more user friendly and is more widely promoted through the advertising of CCG campaigns via social media. The information is being improved on a daily basis.

View here:



The CCG is currently looking at the way it provides information to the public and stakeholders via the website -  To help us with this we would appreciate it if you could spend 5 minutes to give us your views.


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