Homelessness and Rough Sleeping in Stockport

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Closes 1 Oct 2021


Stockport’s current Homelessness Prevention Strategy is due to come at an end next year in March 2021. The Council, Stockport Clinical Commissioning Group and Stockport Homes have been working in partnership in starting to identify what are the key priorities that the next strategy will need to address. Lessons learnt in dealing with the recent Covid 19 pandemic now mean that the need to treat the issue of rough sleeping as both a social and a health emergency is now well established, and in line with government requirements the next strategy will be entitled The Homelessness Prevention and Rough Sleeping Strategy.

As part of the process of shaping what the next strategy will look like, we need to widen our conversations with a larger group of partners and stakeholders. As the first part of this process we are inviting you to complete this survey capturing your views on the key issues that need to be addressed if we want to radically reduce homelessness and eradicate rough sleeping in Stockport.

The deadline for completing the survey is the 25 August 2020

Once completed the responses will be analysed and the results fed into a Stakeholder Day that is being held at 2-5pm on the 16 September 2020. You will receive an invitation to this in due course but for now we’d be grateful if you could keep this date free in your diary.

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