Red Bag Scheme

Closed 31 Aug 2018

Opened 1 May 2018

Feedback updated 16 Apr 2019

We asked

We would like The Stockport Red Bag Pathway to be known as one of the most successful in GM and have great partnership working across CCG, NHS Trust, NWAS, ASC and our care providers. We would like the Residents and families from the Residential and Nursing homes to give continual feedback that it has supported their transition into hospital and the safe discharge back home again.

You said

A number of positives have been received about the scheme:
Staff at the hospital are engaging with the scheme and service users are coming home quicker.
Families are happy (not losing glasses etc)
Reduced phone calls to the care home
Protects providers – evidence that information has been sent to the hospital- check list
Positive feedback and support from NWAS and ED
However there are still some area that require improvement:
Notes not always returned -Paperwork needs to stay in the bag.
More promotion in the hospital so all staff are aware, due to high turnover of care and nursing staff.
Person Centred info poor quality or not always read
DNACPR not always returned even with EOLC patients operationally

We did

A Pathway Development Plan has been developed with actions for each of the providers such as Nursing, Residential, Extra Care Homes, NWAS and  Hospitals to ensure Champions have been identified and the necessary staff are well trained and fully aware of the scheme.


The ‘Hospital Transfer Pathway’ or ‘Red Bag’, helps provide a prompt, safe and efficient transfer of clinical care, when a resident moves between a care home and other clinical settings, such as; hospitals or ‘step up’ and ‘step down’ beds.

• To support reductions in hospital admissions, the Red Bag should be used where the appropriate clinical assessment has concluded that it’s not appropriate for the patient to stay in their care home. Therefore, when a resident becomes unwell and is assessed as needing hospital care, care home staff pack a dedicated Red Bag that contains standardised information about the resident’s general health, any existing medical conditions they have, medication they are taking, as well as highlighting the current health concern. This means that ambulance and hospital staff can determine the treatment a resident needs more effectively.

The bag stays with the resident from the time they leave the home to go to hospital, until they return to their care home. When residents are ready to go home, a copy of their discharge summary (which details the care they received in hospital) is placed in the Red Bag so that care home staff have access to this important information when their residents arrive back home.


Why your views matter

Stockport's pilot of the 'Red Bag' scheme began on 1st May 2018. 
  • 20 care homes, two extra care housing schemes and one home care provider were involved in the pilot phase
  • The pilot focused on improving transfers to and from Stepping Hill Hospital initially

A Steering Group was set up with Gerry Wright of Healthwatch Chairing the group. Members included Linda Collier from the Citizens Representation Panel,NWAS , Age UK, and the Placement Team.

In June the 'Red Bag' pathway was discussed in Parliament in June.  NHS England then decided this should be a national scheme and produced a template and guidance.

Further information on the Red Bag can be found in the attached flyer.





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