GP Views on AQP

Closed 15 Sep 2011

Opened 2 Aug 2011

Results Updated 16 Sep 2011

The majority of Stockport GPs responding to the survey selected services for back and neck pain, talking therapies and continence services as their top three options for extending the choice of companies providing services to the NHS.


Muskulo-skeletal services for back and neck pain


Adult Primary Care Psychological Therapies (‘talking therapies’)


Continence services (adults & children)


Adult hearing services in the community


Podiatry services


Diagnostic tests such as some types of imaging, cardiac and respiratory investigations


Wheelchair services (Children)


Leg ulcer and wound healing


None of the above


Additional services suggested by GPs for consideration were:

  • Orthopaedic ICAT
  • Ear syringing
  • Dementia care
  • COPD rehabilitation

The following services were highlighted where GPs do not want to see an extension of provider:

  • Respiratory, stroke and cardiac services - we are only likely to achieve consistently (cost) effective care with vertically integrated services and agreed pathways
  • Investigative procedures / reporting
  • Cancer treatment

GPs felt that extending choice of provider could reduce waiting times and that choice would be good for patients, but that it would not necessarily improve services.


Local GP input into the GM Cluster decision.

Why We Are Consulting

The government has asked local NHS Trusts to select three or more services where choice will be opened up to “any qualified healthcare provider”.

We want know what local GPs think so that their views can be represented in taking this decision.

What Happens Next

Your views will go to the Clinical Commissioning Pathfinder to agree our three preferred options and recommend any red lines when the decision is taken by the GM Cluster.


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