Constitution for the Stockport CCG

Closed 5 Dec 2011

Opened 14 Nov 2011

Results Updated 6 Dec 2011

19 people took part in the online consultation for members of the public.

The majority of respondents were happy or very happy with the plans for Stockport’s CCG

However, a majority said the plans are not representative of local views. Additional comments suggest this is because of local public opposition to changes in the NHS and GP-led commissioning

Most local people said the constitution represents a clear move to GP-led commissioning, but comments suggested this is not viewed locally as a positive step

A third of respondents wanted more of a variety of clinicians on the Board, and another third said there were too many GPs in the current structure

Respondents to the public survey agreed that GP Practices had enough of an oversight to scrutinise Board, but felt that this should be a role for public and patients

The majority of respondents felt that the planned constitution did not give patients and the public enough of a say on decisions

But it was felt that the plans offered sufficient transparency

Most respondents were happy with the arrangements for handling conflicts of interest

Views on the Government Plans

A number of comments were made, raising local opposition to the changes in the NHS. Most people felt that GPs and other clinicians should not be put in charge of commissioning local services.

GP Capacity

A lot of fears were expressed that the new CCG will reduce the number of doctor appointments available locally as GPs would be too busy in meetings. Further communications will need to be undertaken to explain the process for back-filling appointments and covering Practice clinics.

It was felt that GP time should be prioritised treating patients, leaving decisions to managers.

Board Membership

Respondents queried the number of GPs on the Board.

It was suggested that Board should also include Allied Healthcare Professionals, Pharmacists, paramedics, more patient representatives, skilled management professionals, the local Councillor for Health and Wellbeing – and fewer GPs.

It was also suggested that Health Watch patient representatives should have voting rights on Board.


The NHS is changing, with clinicians taking more control of services.

Stockport's 52 GP Practices plan to set up their own Clinical Commissioning Group to take over from the local PCT.

This constitution sets out how we plan to work together to improve healthcare in Stockport.

Why We Are Consulting

We want to know your views on the plans for the future CCG.

What Happens Next

Your views will be used to shape the new Commissioning Group.


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