Partnership Involvement Network 28th January 2020

Closed 28 Jan 2020

Opened 28 Jan 2020

Results updated 2 Jul 2020

Minutes of PIN meeting 28th January 2020



NHS Stockport CCG are keen to work with stakeholders to co-produce plans and priorities.

We want to actively involve people, the public, patients, carers, clinicians and managers to create better, stronger planning and delivery.   

We are planning an inclusive approach of stakeholder engagement, including people from outside of Stockport who access our services. 

The Partnership Involvement Network is critical in achieving this.


Why your views matter

Topics for discussion:

  • Burning questions from members
  • Proposed Terms of Reference for the Partnership Invovlement Network (PIN)




  • All Areas


  • Citizens Representation Panel


  • Partnership Involvement Network (PIN)