Men's Health MOT

Closed 18 Jun 2011

Opened 18 Jun 2011

Results Updated 18 Jul 2011

On Saturday the 18 June 2011, as part of Men’s Health Week, NHS Stockport ran a free health check for local men to raise awareness of men’s health issues and encourage men to pay more attention to their health.

Experts from General Practice, Lifestyles services, the Foundation Trust, Stockport Libraries, the regional Bowel Cancer screening team and community engagement staff from the Council and the PCT were brought together to offer a truly comprehensive range of advice and information in the centre of town.

In just 4 hours, the team completed 43 health checks for local men who otherwise may have ignored their symptoms and gave out a range of information to many more men and women. The health checks resulted in: 12 referrals to the stop smoking service; 10 referrals to the alcohol advice team; 4 referrals to weight management services; 3 referrals to health trainers / gym / target fitness. In addition, the final health check findings were passed on to the men’s GP Practices for follow up or information.

What was initially clear from the day was the overwhelming demand for a drop-in service for men outside of traditional working hours.

The practical format of the health check, where men filled out an MOT form with their vital statistics (age, height, weight, BMI, blood pressure), information on lifestyles (smoking, drinking, diet and exercise), and medical history was very well received, as was immediate access to a male GP, in a central location at a convenient time.

Traditional health information leaflets were of little or no interest, however men were keen to take away website addresses where they could search for the information they needed within the privacy of their own homes.

Many of the GP consultations related to sexual problems, which men did not want to raise at their own Practice, either because they were embarrassed to talk to their own GP about it or because the receptionist would ask the reason for booking an appointment.

30 men took part in our health survey and many more gave us valuable feedback on our engagement boards which will help us gain a better understanding of local needs and what we can do to make our services more relevant to men.

The majority of men reported reasonably healthy and active lifestyles. However, the survey confirmed JSNA findings that alcohol is a real problem locally.

Checking for testicular lumps was not a high priority for local men half of those surveyed had never checked themselves at all. The main health worries reported in the survey were heart disease, cholesterol and diet.

In terms of answering why men are less likely to go to use healthcare services, issues were raised about problems accessing GP appointments during working hours.

"By the time I can get an appointment I’m well again!"

Attitudes of staff in practices were also raised, with people feeling treated like time wasters when they go and a lack of customer services from reception staff.

There was also an admission that many men see being ill and asking for help as an admission of weakness. "Pride! Can’t change human nature…"

Overall, there it was apparent than men in general do not prioritise their health and tend to work through pain. "GPs already have enough to do!"


Why We Are Consulting

Men are much less likely than women to go to their GP.

This Men's Health Week NHS Stockport is hosting a free health check for local men.

At the event, men will be asked about their health, lifestyles, and views of our services to see what we can do to improve Stockport services for men.

What Happens Next

The views will be reproted to Board for use in our decision making.


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