Rise to the Challenge

Closed 23 Jun 2011

Opened 23 Jun 2011

Results Updated 18 Jul 2011

NHS Stockport used this event as an opportunity to engage with local people around the proposed changes to the NHS.  As GPs and clinicians will now be the budget holders making decisions about services provided in Stockport, we asked the public:

  •  How can GP practices work better for you?
  • How can GP’s encourage you to live a healthier lifestyle?
  • Your practice wants to know how you would like to share your ideas with them?
  • What is there in your community that helps you to live well?
  • What else would make a difference for you?

A number of people commented that GP’s lack an understanding of dementia and felt this could be rectified by GP’s attending training on the subject.  It was felt there was also a lack of funding for those with early onset dementia.

Carers felt that not enough information / signposting is given to them by GP’s and they are not informed of the Carers register held at practices.

Some patients find it intrusive when practice receptionists ask why they wish to see the GP

Having to wait too long for a GP appointment was raised as an issue with a number of people suggesting that practices should extend their opening hours.  This would cover earlier and later appointments including evenings and weekends.  However a number of people commented that they were happy with their practices.  Two people in particular mentioned how the walk in and wait system works really well for patients at their practice.

It was felt that the process for ordering / collecting repeat prescriptions could be improved with some patients having to wait too long



Healthy Living Event for over 50s

Why We Are Consulting

To find out what local people think about our services and what we should prioritise in the future.

What Happens Next

Views will be reported to Board for use in decision making.


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