Stockport Carers' Event

Closed 14 Jun 2011

Opened 14 Jun 2011

Results Updated 14 Jul 2011

The event was extremely well attended, with over 400 local carers and members of the public.

Information was given out on the full range of health services in Stockport and views were collected on views of these services.

The most notable concern was around mental health. Within the first hour, all of the leaflets and materials surrounding depression, anxiety, stress and mental health services had gone and throughout the day carers continually raised issues of stress and balancing unpaid care with the need to work and support other family members.

 Another key theme emerging from the event was the fact that many carers are so busy looking after friends or family members that they pay very little attention to their own health and wellbeing. Uptake of screening and other preventative services was very low and many carers admitted to not going to their GP even if they have symptoms, due to the time constraints they face.

Carers again reiterated the importance of clinicians using them as the experts and sharing information with them. Practical issues were raised by carers who constantly struggle with practices who will not take repeat prescription requests or give out test results over the phone to the carer, despite being told again and again that the patient is unable to talk on the phone. One example of good practice which could resolve this issue was the flagging on patient notes that a BSL interpreter should always be booked for this patient’s appointments. It was suggested that a similar system could be used to flag cases where the GP has approved using the carer as the first point of contact.

In terms of priorities, the views expressed by carers were very much in line with the PCT’s prioritisation: cancer services; prevention; mental health; & carers’ support.


Signpost for Carers host an event every year at Stockport Town Hall, where carers and other local people can come and find out about all of the local services, charities, community groups and facilities available to support carers.

NHS Stockport attends to give information about the range of health and support services we offer and to take feedback on carers' views about our services.

Why We Are Consulting

Carers are a vital resource in Stockport. We want to be sure that we are providing carers with the support they need and to make sure that they are getting the most out of our services.

What Happens Next

Views and feedback will be reported to Board at the end of July for consideration in decision-making.


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