Men's Health

Closed 31 Dec 2011

Opened 1 Jun 2011

Results Updated 11 Jun 2012

36 local men took part in our survey about their health.

Overall, they reported good health in general and exercised regularly, but did not have a healthy diet and tended to drink alcohol.

The vast majority of respondents are registered with a local GP and rate their surgery highly, but had not been to the Practice for some time.

Prevention was not high on the agenda for respondents, who  were unlikely to check for lumps. Mental health was the main worry reported.


Survey of men's health in Stockport.

Why We Are Consulting

Men are four times less likely to go and see their GP than women, so many of their symptoms go undetected until it's too late. As a result, women tend to live 5 years longer than men.

We want to provide a service that is suitable to men and meets their needs. Your views and information will be used to help us assess what health needs local men have, what their priorities are for local services, and how we can best deliver services to improve men's health in Stockport.

What Happens Next

Results will be presented to our Executive Committee to inform their decision making and strategic planning.


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