Citizens Representation Panel 31 October 2017

Closed 1 Nov 2017

Opened 31 Oct 2017

Feedback updated 17 Jan 2019

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Citizens Representation Panel

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A range of issues were discussed as can be seen in the attached document.

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The attached paper provides an outline of the activity for the CCG and partners to complete on behalf of the CRP.




A core part of our work under Stockport Together is to involve the public in the planning, development and implementation of the design, and to help this we have set up a Citizens Representation Panel.

The panel forms part of the formal governance structure and two of its members sit on the Formal Stockport Together Executive Board, the group responsible for overseeing the proposed integration of health and social care.

Members of this panel are drawn from pre-existing groups or organisations across Stockport. The rationale behind this approach is that we start with a group of people that have some current health and social care knowledge, and then widen out participation to cover different elements of the transformation activity.

Members on the panel are drawn from the CCG Patient Panel, Healthwatch, Stockport NHS Foundation Trust and Pennine Care NHS Trust governors, Local Councillors, GP Practice Patient Reference Groups, Voluntary sector and Carers. The membership is to ensure an even spread of knowledge and backgrounds rather than to be there to represent their own or organisations interests. The members elected a chair and are completing nominations for a vice chair to represent the group..

The panel will be responsible for discussing and making recommendations on key elements of the design. They will encourage and support active participation in the engagement and consultation of Stockport Together, provide scrutiny of the activity to ensure that communities are being involved as partners in actively developing the proposals and that there has been enough time spent in actively explaining and building the case for change from the outset.



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Updates from the Stockport Together programme board and Public consultation update and discussion of future plans for engagement.



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