Team around the Town meetings

Closed 6 Feb 2019

Opened 29 May 2018

Feedback updated 12 Feb 2019

We asked

As Neighbourhood Clinical Commissioner, Steve Bradshaw has indicated an interest and wish to be involved in the development of social prescribing networks. 

You said

TPA Community Connectors arrange periodic 'Team around the Place' meetings.  These offer the opportunity for local groups/residents to meet and share their values along with what their group can offer as a means of promoting greater local knowledge.

We did

An example of a positive outcome was that at the Marple meeting it was noticed that there was a clash of meeting times between two groups both of whom would have benefited the same group of attendees.  Therefore one group agreed to change their meeting times.

The overall outcome of all meetings is a better local  knowledge between groups of what is already available and potential gaps.  This will hopefully also then lead to ongoing cooperation and signposting between groups.


The TPA Community Connectors facilitate intermittent local group engagement sessions to promote local connections and social prescribing.

Why your views matter

As Clinical Commissioner for the Neighbourhoods, Steve Bradshaw was invited and attended three meetings over the last 12 months.


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