Making Healthcare Fair Event

Closed 3 Nov 2011

Opened 2 Nov 2011

Results Updated 6 Feb 2012

Around 50 people attended the event, including NHS staff, local residents, patients, carers, and a range of local community groups.

  • The gender divide of attendees was around a 50/50 split
  • Attendees ranged in age from those in their 20s to some in their 80s
  • Two British Sign language Interpreters attended to interpret for attendees from the deaf community and a there were a number of attendees with visual and physical disabilities
  • Like the local community in Stockport, the vast majority of attendees were white British, though a small number of BME residents were in attendance (under 10)
  • The meeting also welcomed representatives from the Lesbian & Gay Foundation and People Like Us Stockport (PLUS)
  • Representatives were also in attendance from Community Health Stockport, Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council, and the local branch of the Stroke Association.


Overall, there was a positive recognition of the amount of work that has been undertaken in recent years to improve services for local groups and reduce inequalities.

“I was impressed by your presentation on health equality outcomes”

In particular, it was noted that both the PCT and FT have undertaken a wide range of engagement with local groups from all protected groups to ensure that all voices are heard in decision making and service changes.

“Good dialogue / interaction with protected groups”

Targeted efforts such as the PCT’s Men’s Health Check event, flu jabs for ‘at-risk’ groups, and community development work were praised for their impact in raising awareness and improving health outcomes for disadvantaged groups.

The FT’s drop-in hearing aid service at Walthew House was praised as a positive initiative, which should be more widely promoted.

The PCT’s new health information videos in Sign Language were also complimented and it was suggested that these should be made available at all events in DVD format next to the written leaflets.

Special recognition was also given to local healthcare staff for their willingness to help patients with diverse or additional needs:

“Information, advice and access at local health centre outstanding - always go that extra mile for the patient.”

A number of attendees highlighted the need for more specialist services for patients with learning disabilities.

Men’s health was seen as a key issue and it was suggested that the PCT undertakes more health checks for men.

A large number of suggestions focused around prevention, through the use of regular health checks for ‘at-risk’ groups or those groups less likely to use services.

And culturally appropriate communications were recommended to promote health issues facced by minority groups.




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