Making Healthcare Fair

Closed 1 Dec 2011

Opened 18 Sep 2011

Results updated 2 Apr 2012

16 people completed the online survey:

  • Respondents ages ranges from 25-64
  • A third were the main carer for a friend or relative
  • The majority - 62.50% - were female
  • 75.00% were white, 12.50% were Black Caribbean and 12.50% did not wish to declare their ethnic background
  • 50% of respondents had a disability or long-term illness, of which:
  • 25% had a mental health problem
  • 18.75% had a long-term illness
  • 6.25% had a physical disability
  • 56.25% reported no religion or belief, while 37.50% were Christian
  • 81.25% of respondents were heterosexual, 18.75% did not give a sexual orientation
  • 87.50% of respondents reported their gender identity as being the same as that at birth

Most people reported reasonably good health:

  • 31.25%           very good
  • 31.25%           good
  • 25%                ok

None of the respondents said their health was bad.

All respondents were registered with a local GP

  • 87.5% had been to the doctors within the past 6 months
  • All respondents rated their experience of General Practice as ok, good or very good
  • Views on the venue were slightly less positive

 Attendance at A&E was a lot lower, 43.75% had attended over a year ago, and 12.5% had never attended the emergency department.

68.75% of respondents always attend health screenings when invited, similar to the local average.

Only 12.50% always eat their 5 a day, 68.75% did sometimes.

Half of respondents occasionally skip meals.

43.75% exercise weekly and 25% daily.

Similar to the local average, 18.75% of respondents smoke, 12.50% had quit, and 62.50% had never smoked.

None of the respondents drank alcohol ever day, but 18.75% drank most days and a further 18.75% drank 3-4 times a week - 31.25% drank less than once a month and 12.50% never drank alcohol.

The biggest health worries were cancer and mental health / stress, followed by weight.

62.50% were registered with an NHS dentist, 25% were not and 6.25% were on a waiting list. Of those registered:

  • 37.5% rated their NHS dentist as very good
  • 12.5% good
  • 12.5% ok
  • 6.25% bad
  • And 6.250% very bad
  • However experiences of parking and venue were less positive
  • 31.25% felt disabled facilities were bad or very bad.

62.50% get their eyes tested regularly

  • 37.50% rated local opticians as very good
  • 25% very good
  • 31.25% good
  • 18.75% ok
  • Nobody rated local opticians as bad or very bad
  • Experiences of venues and staff attitude were equally positive
  • 12.5% felt parking facilities were bad.

31.25% used local community health services now or in the past, of whom

  • 40% rated services as very good
  • 20% rated them as good
  • And 40% rated mental health services as bad
  • Most people felt the venues were good
  • Parking was rated ‘ok’ to ‘bad’
  • Disabled facilities were rated as ok, as was the use of interpretation
  • Views on staff attitudes and helpfulness were mixed, ranging from good to very bad.

43.75% had used local hospitals and a further 25% had used them in the past, of whom:

  • 80% of which related to Stepping Hill hospital
  • 18.75% rated services as very good
  • 37.50% rated them as good
  • 12.50%  rated services ok
  • Nobody rated the services as bad or very bad
  • Experiences of venues were slightly worse, with one ‘bad’ rating
  • Parking was seen as a negative
  • Disabled facilities were rated positively, as was the use of interpretation
  • Staff attitudes were mostly rated positively, as was staff helpfulness

When asked whether local clinicians support you to be involved in making decisions about your care:

  • 56% said that clinicians explain my options and help me to choose the right care for me
  • 33.3% said Sometimes - it depends on the clinician
  • While 11% said local clinicians don't support you to be involved in your care decisions.

Positive examples of where the NHS is working well mostly related to GP Practices:

“GP practice is very helpful - particularly understanding on gynae issues. I've had doctors in the past who dismiss this as "women's issues" and not real pain”

“GPs and nurses really care!”

“The self book scheme worked really well for me.”

Suggestions for improvement included:

  • IVF funding
  • Prevention
  • People taking responsibility for their own health
  • Review of mental health wards at Stepping Hill
  • More focus on clinicians, rather than paying charities with no training to give essentially social support.


How fair is healthcare in Stockport?

Does everyone get access to the services they need?

Do we all have the same chances of living a long and healthy life?

Why we are consulting

We want our services to be fair so that everyone in Stockport has an equal opportunity to live a long and healthy life.

This survey asks about you, your health, and what you think about the local health services in Stockport.

The results will be used to compare health needs and patient satisfaction among different groups in the borough.

What happens next

Results will be analysed to see if there are any differences in patient experience, service access, or health needs among different protected groups.

As a result of this analysis, objectives will be set to improve equality and fairness for Stockport's patients.


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