Gifts and Hospitality Declaration 2017 - 18

Closed 31 Mar 2018

Opened 1 Apr 2017


The NHS Stockport Clinical Commissioning Group (the CCG) respects and values its staff and operates within an environment of mutual openness, honesty and transparency.

The CCG has adopted the Nolan Principles (Appendix I). This policy on Standards of Business Conduct and Commercial Sponsorship has been developed to protect staff, members and the organisation against contention or allegations of misconduct. This framework is designed to ensure that the policy is applied consistently, and in a way that is transparent.

It is therefore important that all CCG staff, members, and the members of the Governing Body and its committees, are aware of their responsibilities in relation to Standards of Business Conduct and Commercial Sponsorship and understand what they mean in practice. 

Key elements of the policy include staff registering and declaring gifts and hospitality (both accepted and refused) in line with the requirements of the Policy.

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