Patient Experience 2011

Closed 15 Feb 2012

Opened 18 Jan 2012

Feedback updated 29 Mar 2012

We asked

Please prioritise from the 3 following areas you would like the practice to improve on Also what we do well, and what we dont do so well in Is there anything we could improve on?

You said

1st - You said you would like us to look at another way for getting an appointments as they are hard to get with the current appointment system, needs something different. 2nd - You said we need more staff in the morning to answer phones or maybe another phone line. 3rd - You said that on the whole the premises are ok! nice seating area, nice posters and a TV with adverts and cookery for better health You said that the care you recieve from your GP was excellent

We did

The practice has had a meeting and is currently auditing the appoinments to see when we are busiest at and to find out our problem areas. These results will be printed in our newsletter, after which we shall be asking you the patients to give us your views on how we can improve the way we give appointments out

Results updated 29 Mar 2012

Action Plan


The results were reviewed at a meeting on Friday 2nd March 2012


The outcome from which was the following action plan came from the online comments and some verbal



Area Identified For Improvement/Change


Responsible For Implementation



Patient Communication


The Practice will look to improve and re-energize its website and Newsletter. Using this then as a means of both educating and communicating with Patients


Practice Manager

September 2012


Getting an Appointment


The Practice will, in partnership with its PPG, evaluate the benefit of trialing other ways of  booking of appointments


Practice Manager

December  2012


Telephone Lines


The Practice will take into consideration of the fact that the phone line is very busy in the mornings, and to do a mini survey to find out what patients want ie, another phone line, another member of staff to man the phones.


Practice Manager

November 2012


Receptionist Customer Care Skills


The Practice will look to actively include the Receptionist team in the feedback loop with the PPG. Using this as a means for identifying training needs and improvement opportunities and then delivering the requisite training to meet those needs.


Practice Manager

December 2012




The website is now completed and we will update regularly


Practice Manager

March 2012


Waiting area - Patient experience.


The Practice will look to see how it can improve the experience for patients waiting for  appointments


Can it improve information that is available on the practice? We will also explore the possibility of self check in for booked sessions and piped music in the waiting room.


Practice Manager

March 2013


Patient engagement


The Practice will endeavour to raise even further the profile of the PPG and seek to encourage involvement from a greater cross representation of patients. 

It will explore the possibility of hosting possible themed support event ob topics such as “carers”

Effort will be made to get started and put into place a  PPG’ s newsletter



Practice Manager

December 2012





Confirmation Of Our Opening Times


Patients can call the surgery from 8.30am -6pm Monday to Friday on 0161 480 2366

Except Wednesday and Thursdays the phone line is handed over to Mastercall at 1pm both days



The Surgery Receptionis open from 8.30- 6pm Monday – Friday


Surgery’s held at


Monday                  am – pm

Tuesday                 am – pm

Wednesday             am

Thursday                am

Friday                    am-pm


The Surgery provides a monthly extended hours serviceon a Saturday (1 in every month) from 9.00-1pm this is not an emergency service



From time-to-time the Practice Staff clinical and non-clinical have to undergo training and this will necessitate the closing of the surgery. On these occasions, if you require the services of your GP, and you cannot wait until the following day you will be asked to contact the Practices Out Of Hours service provider.  They also provide medical cover whenever the surgery is closed and they can be contacted on 0161 480 2366 where you will be given the number



Dr Sen's GP Practice are seeking the views of it's patients on what they feel the priorities for the practice should be for the coming year.

Why your views matter

Dr Sen and his staff are committed to improving services and facilites for our patients.

We would be very grateful if you could complete the questionnaire as only with patient involvement and support will the practice know if we are achieving our goals of improving service quality and patient satisfaction.

What happens next

The practice will review the results of the survey and based on the feedback from patients this will form it's priorities for the coming year.


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