ADHD T&F Group

Closed 31 Mar 2020

Opened 1 Apr 2019

Feedback updated 7 Feb 2020

We asked

To redesign the 516 year’s assessment and treatment service for ADHD and ensure it is able to meet need / prevalence and to develop a plan to ensure that those currently waiting for assessment and treatment receive a timely service.

You said

  • Reduce the current waiting list for assessment and treatment for ADHD receive a timely service
  • Streamline the process for ADHD diagnosis and treatment
  • Improve information on ADHD services for children, young people and families

We did

  • Recruited a temporary consultant Paediatrician to provide short term support (6 month post) who will provide extra ADHD clinics.
  • Stockport FT has been providing some additional clinics and waiting times have improved.
  • A new ADHD patient information leaflet has been drafted. This has been shared with parents groups who have commented on it. We aim to finalise the leaflet in January 2020.


A number of meetings have been  held throughout the year with parents/carers. health and social care professsionals to look at the ADHD pathway.


  • All Areas


  • Manager
  • SNHSFT staff
  • Pennine Care Staff
  • Stockport Council staff
  • School Nurse
  • SEND parent/carers
  • Disability group


  • Mental Health
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Mental Health Services
  • SEND services