Age Friendly Consultation

Closed 10 Dec 2018

Opened 1 Nov 2018


Stockport’s Ageing Well strategy was developed to promote healthy, positive ageing in Stockport. The strategy highlights all the areas where we can make a difference to ageing well; it challenges us to think more broadly and collectively, and to take forward key actions that will make a difference.

In October 2017, we held a series of events to engage with local community groups across Stockport. One year on, we wanted to measure our progress and identify where there was still scope for improvement.

Why We Are Consulting

We therefore launched an Age Friendly survey in November 2018 to which nearly 200 people responded, either online (via the council website consultations page ‘Have your say’) or using paper survey forms available in libraries.

The survey questions were based on the WHO Age-Friendly Cities and Communities framework, which outlines eight areas to be considered in making a place age-friendly: outdoor spaces and buildings, transport, housing, social participation, respect and social inclusion, civic participation and employment, communication and information, community support and health services.

What Happens Next

The survey closed in December 2018, and we are now analysing the results.  They will help inform our work going forward. The council will continue to involve older adults in the delivery the action plan. The council will also develop and agree key measures by which the action plan will be monitored and assessed (in line with the monitoring and performance work being developed through the Greater Manchester Ageing Hub).


  • All Areas


  • Older people


  • Outdoor spaces and buildings
  • Transport
  • Housing
  • Social participation
  • Civic participation and employment
  • Community support
  • respect and social inclusion