Stockport Together Listening Event - Bramhall

Closed 28 Jul 2017

Opened 27 Jul 2017

Feedback updated 17 Jan 2019

We asked

An open public meeting

You said

A range of details were discussed as can be seen by the attached document.

We did

The impact of public engagement enabled the CCG to reflect and review the proposals for Stockport Together.


The Stockport Together ‘listening phase’

The ‘listening phase’ gave us the opportunity for us to hear from you, as members of the public, about what is important to you. It allowed us to give some context to the work we’ve been doing and explain why we feel we have to make these changes.

We presented some of the ideas being explored currently as ‘scenarios’, to allow us to understand how people in the borough are currently affected by these – or similar – issues. The scenarios aimed to show some examples of the kind of things people face when trying to access health and social care services.

The insight you gave in answer to the questions on the scenarios is now being analysed and will feed in to the teams working on these areas. Ultimately, all the responses will be looked at to identify any common themes – positive and negative – to help us shape the plans we’re developing.

A full report detailing all the insight we gathered will be shared in September with the Stockport Together partner organisation. It will also be shared with key health and social care organisations and other stakeholders, as well as with you: the people who gave us the views, feedback and challenge that will help us so much.

What we did

  • We held 12 listening events across Stockport from 22 June to 27 July
  • Nearly 300 people came to the sessions
  • Each meeting was 2 hours long. They were held at different times of the day/night throughout the week
  • Every person who attended received an ‘issues document’
  • Presenters varied at each session, but was always a senior health and/or social care representative
  • Gave people the opportunity to ask questions and raise their concerns during a Q&A session





What happens next

We will keep you updated with progress, and will circulate any reports, documents or decisions which are made as a result of this phase.

Now that the feedback has all been typed up, we will now analyse the data to identify any key themes. Feedback from each scenario will be fed into the teams working on this activity and any challenges that have been raised will be carefully considered.

A formal report will be drafted by 6th September 2017, which will be shared amongst key stakeholders. The report will then be used to make any necessary adjustments to the Stockport Together business cases (which set out the formal objectives and plans to change health and social care in the borough).

The partnership will reflect carefully in early September on the output of the listening exercise and what further public involvement needs to be undertaken in the autumn prior to consideration of full business case approval in December 2017.




  • All Areas


  • Anyone from any background


  • Healthy Communities
  • Borough Wide Services
  • Acute Specialist Interface
  • Core Neighbourhoods